Cat Page

Lou during the holidays.

I have a few photos of my cat Lou on Etsy.  They were taken when he wasn’t playing fetch, or screaming in my face for food!  He’s a sweet, cuddly tabby cat I adopted in 2009, when a friend was walking through her neighborhood and heard cats meowing under a deck.  She asked about them since she volunteers for a cat rescue organization, and they did need homes.  My husband and I went over there when the kittens were 8 weeks old, and we brought Lou home.  But his name was originally Molly.  My friend told us he was a girl!  When we went to the vet to get her spayed, they informed us, that neutering was needed 🙂  Since then I have enjoyed his company, his loud purring,

and playing fetch with his favorite rattling ball.  He loves to wrestle with his big brother, Max. who is another tabby a year older.  See the cute paws photos at

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