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The show was a success!

our photos on sheet metal
this was our display
Jim putting the photos on sheet metal
other artists’ paintings
at the RAWArtists show

On June 21,  my husband and I had our art show at an artists’ showcase at the

Mercy Lounge, Nashville, TN.   The room where we were to hang our art did not

allow for anything to be put into the brick walls, so they provided chains hanging from

the rafters.  Most artists would attach wire and S hooks, or punch holes in the corners

of the artwork, and attach to the chains.  My creative husband came up with the idea

to hang a piece of sheet metal on the chains, then our photos (which are mounted on

foam board).  We attached them with Velcro.  The sheet metal was 3×8 feet, and we

had to borrow a pick-up truck to transport it!  Everything worked out really well.

We even sold one!  The big one of the Champs Elysees that Jim took.  The night

was filled with music, fashion, and of course art.  We had a great time.  I don’t

know if we will do anything like this again, but now we have some experience.

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available at

Calling Nashville area residents!  As you may know, this blog is linked to my shop at

Someone from contacted me through that site and asked if I wanted to be in a

showcase.  I never even heard of it.  They have one every month at the Mercy Lounge on Cannery Row.

Not only are there photographers, there are fashion and jewelry designers, musicians (it is Music City), etc.

My husband and I are both going to have work in this show on Thursday, June 21.  It will be really cool

seeing all the different forms of artistry in one place.  So I am asking you to please come support

local artists by coming to the show.  And if you are some sort of artist yourself, you can be in it too!  You

can apply to be in a show on their website.  They are always looking for talent.  If you are interested,

please purchase ($10) tickets through this link:  I need the credit,

and they are more at the door.  The last day to purchase is Monday, June 18.  The photo here is

my husband’s, and it will be in the show.   I really, really appreciate you support.  Hope to meet

someone there who actually read my blog, haha!  Thank you, Lisa Long.

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